Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hunting for new music used to be one of my most favorite pass times, but since I left for University all my time has been devoted to my art, or other work and I get overwhelmed by all the new wonderful music out there. I'm starting to search a little more now that I'm home for the holidays, because my iPod desperately needs a new years makeover. The first new album I'm adding is Actor by St. Vincent who my boyfriend (who regularly writes music reviews so I'm in good hands) introduced me to this week. I adore her already and can't wait to find more. Any suggestions or favorites?


Louise said...

Its not super new, but I can't stop listening to Florence and the Machine's album "Lungs". The woman's voice is amazing!

Have to listen to this to see if its your cup of tea :)


Hope you enjoy! xx

Liz Doré said...

thank you very much! I've never heard of this band before :) I love hearing new things, I just never take the time anymore to search for it!

have a wonderful holidays!