Wednesday, December 16, 2009

holiday wish list

just a few gift ideas that are both on my own personal Christmas list (and a few others too!)

Clockwise from top:
1. Myla desiree soft bra from Journelle
2. Modern baroque mirror from Urban Outfitters
3. The Kensington watch from Nixon
4. Hudson's Bay Company point blanket in grey
5. Chambord original french press from Bodum
6. Espresso cups and spoons from Frette
7. iPod docking system from iHome
8. I Know How to Cook by Ginette Mathiot
9. Blush by NARS
10. diamond earrings from Banana Republic


Louise said...

I'd quite happily take all of the above! I love that Kensington watch though. That has to be my fav xx

Liz Doré said...

Thanks! I've wanted a watch for a while, it's such a hard thing to decide on. I like that one because it's pretty plain!

SogniSorrisi said...

Love the mirror!