Thursday, December 30, 2010

Love the idea of Elte's second life rugs, the process by which a 40-70 year old traditional rug is dyed a new and beautiful overall color. It's so cool how the old pattern shows through and recycled into something gorgeous. I want the pink one!

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Andrew said...

Liz, I want to thank you for featuring our products on your blog. My name is Andrew Metrick and I'm from Elte. Elte is actually a family business, which makes my brother and I the fourth generation to work in the business. The Second Life Collection is something that we're really proud of. Every rug is different and the ways that people can mix and layer them is endless. I'm so glad that you took notice to them. We're really going to focus on sending our more new product emails at Elte and Ginger's in 2011 so be sure to subscribe to our e-list ( Anyway, thanks once again. It's a terrific blog you have. Keep it up! Andrew.