Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The shopping here in Canada is really starting to branch out! If you're someone like me, who doesn't live in Toronto or Montreal, it's ordering online from your favorite stores, or rushed shopping sessions during a road trip to get your hands on lusted after goodies. Not to say there aren't many, many independent shops in every province that offer unique fashions and home furnishings, but as beautiful as they can be, most items are offered at expensive boutique prices to keep businesses afloat! This is when a budget-shopper university student like myself gets frustrated when she doesn't have access to the very pocket-friendly H&M, which made me thrilled when I found out we now have one in Nova Scotia!

Especially exciting to hear that we are being graced with a few Anthropologie locations, for splurge moments. It's nice to know now that when I'm drooling all over my online window shopping favorites, that one is likely close by, or on it's way.

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