Monday, March 16, 2009

After a lot of thinking, and reading through my course selection book, I'm finally being honest with myself about what I want to do in the future. I want to do something related to decorating. It's the most obvious thing, but I was preparing myself for a career in Art History. I realized that museums hire experienced, knowledgeable, dusty old men. Not a young graduate like I'll be in two years. I really don't want to be an intern until I'm 50, so I need to move towards my true interests. I'm going to change my major to photography, and pursue that with passion rather than something else with safety.

I also don't want my career to resemble the structure of my current Graphic Design course: Sit back, and listen to how much you suck. Encouraging, isn't it? So hopefully by doing this, I'll find my place in something that makes me happy, and never feel inadequate.

~Interior photos by Petra Bindel


The Cherry Blog said...

Good for you - going to persue something u really love doing, life is too short to have a job that sucks! I have interned before, it sucks,. good luck with it all! x

Liz said...

Thanks! Aw gosh I know, it's scary making these choices but I'm just glad I realized in time :)


Go for it!!! I am a graphic designer myself I don't hate my job but feel my heart is on making my textiles!! so don't give up on your dreams, it takes time, but real passion, hard work and time will take you there, by the way amazing interiors!!!
thanks for shearing them.

Liz said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement! Being in school is such a confusing time, and flipping through these books with hundreds of courses you get so many different ideas!
I really like your blog too, I chose a textiles course for next year called Repeating Patterns. I'm so excited to start!