Sunday, November 16, 2008

I've always loved the idea behind the What's in your bag? flickr pool. So many times I've found myself looking through, not being able to stop clicking next. Some possessions are in messy piles, others are organized lovingly by their owners. They really show an interesting portrait of the people they belong to.

Also it's just fun to be snoopy and see what kind of makeup and other things girl's keep in their pretty purses. (a lot of Marc Jacobs fans!)

~bag 1
~bag 2
~bag 3
~my bag


vicky said...

wish my bag was like this

Leigh said...

These are so great ,I think I am also going to be addicted. I just love the Balenciaga bag, as I used mine up so bad it cannot be carried anymore, :(

Great blog!
Happy Sunday:)